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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The ability to think beyond the four walls and face the real challenges in the world is education.

Social Events

Our idea is to introduce modern technologies to find solutions for age old challenges and thus convey values through social innovations

Art and Culture

The beauty of art is that it beautifies the mind and soul of an individual and pursues as a historical culture.

Project DIVE

Project DIVE is a Social Transformation Initiatives, aims to Connect Government School Children with Corporate Volunteers with the power of Digital Infrastructure.

What is Dive ?

Project DIVE also aims to set up a basic digital infrastructure at the government schools in partnerships with Corporates to provide education to the underprivileged government school children with the active participation from corporate volunteers. The approach of Holistic Education should inspire and motivate children in a manner that equally gives importance to both academic and non-academic education

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Who we are

Who are we

The Founder & Director Vinay Shindhe. VIMOVÉ Foundation operates by focusing on four major areas of social development, holistic education, social inovation and social awareness to create positive social impact with sustainable future for children, youth, community and citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together the best global practices to create cost effective social impact solutions, corporate thinking, and accountability, standardized corporate governance to create a model of sustainable development, and can be replicated at a large scale.

Our Team

The perseverance of our team members in working under some really challenging conditions and ensuring the best outcomes for rural children, youth communities is something that binds us all together intricately.


At VIMOVÉ foundation we consider the past, and work towards a better future by making an effort to develop the present by constantly maintaining the quality and keep ourselves updated

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Our Philantrophist

Rajini Mishra

‘Green School’ Program is one of its kind and a very innovative way of using a renewable source of energy to power up School classrooms for the entire day not depending on local power suppliers. Appreciate the good work done by the Team.

Rajini Mishra
Ex President,State Bank Of India
Mahesh Babu

Events like ‘Alternative’ are the need for an hour kind of programs. It is important to spread awareness and to involve each individual for contributing to the sustainable future. I wish the entire team to come up with more successful events like Alternative.

Mahesh Babu
CEO,Mahindra Eletric

Our Projects

Hasiru Shala

Aims in utilizing the renewable sources of energy. This is an initiative taken to utilize the renewable source of energy at various government schools executed under the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.The aim of this project is to reduce the usage of electricity in spite of the usage of computers in the computer lab. This initiative also includes the installation of RO water purifier in the schools. It reduces the financial pressure on the school management which prevailed earlier due to inadequate funds to provide the basic facilities. Hence with the help of this initiative, these schools are now comparatively getting better facilities and quality. The idea of the solar rooftop off-grid system is also taught to the teachers, staff, and children hence awareness is also spread about the importance of saving electricity and uses of solar power

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Project to light up the streets of the underprivileged village. Lithium-Ion battery powered street lights implementation program in rural areas. Renewable energy to address the electricity crisis in rural areas and address basic infrastructural needs like street lights, this project is taken into action. In this, all stakeholders joined hands for social support and participate in the implementation of sustainable energy street light with Lithium-Ion battery technology implementation program to the various identified location to support the quality of life at various adopted villages across Karnataka. This not only helps the villagers but also saves a lot of energy and it is considered to be eco-friendly too

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Hasiru Deepa

Providing access to green energy using solar rooftops for government schools. This programme focuses on making the government schools greener by providing access to green energy using solar rooftops for schools. We aim at facilitating the schools to use the natural sources of energy to power up their electric loads and reduce the carbon footprint. This is a programme which lights the streets of the villages in Bangalore and the idea is to reach out to the villages all over Karnataka. This initiative reduces the school’s difficulty in paying the electricity bills and it also provides continuous power supply for the education of children from the underserved section of the society.

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Sep. 15th

Pragati Shaale

Holisitc developement of Government schools in Rural Karnataka. Pragathi shaale is a programme conducted for rural schools in Bangalore. It focuses on holistic development in terms of Basic infrastructure and Learning / Awareness initiatives. It is to provide basic facilities in terms of buildings, access to drinking water, sanitation, access to digital learning, and co-curricular learning activities like life skills-based experiential learning, awareness on environmental sustainability, teachers training, and more. These are supported by Corporate through their CSR initiatives. This helps in increasing the quality of education in government schools. These initiatives are actually trying to change the quality of education and to increase interest among children to attend school regularly and the curiosity to learn. It is also trying to encourage children to participate in extra-curricular activities to identify their talent

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Sep. 15th

Industry Exposure Career Guidance

DIVE is a Social Transformation Initiatives, aims to Connects Government School Children with Corporate Volunteers where Digital Infrastructure in place including Internet facilities Project DIVE also aims to set up a basic digital infrastructure at the government schools in partnerships with Corporates to provide education to underprivileged government school children with corporate volunteers. Education that should inspire and motivate children should give equal importance to both academic and non-academic education. Hence Vimové Foundation through Project DIVE aims to focus on non-academic virtual classes for government school children. DIVE also helps the corporate volunteers to unleash their hidden talent and passion by providing the platform to teach the students online and it even helps them to prepare for their geographically dispersed virtual teams. It also helps in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is quality education for all, so Vimové emphasizes providing accessibility of virtual non-academic education to the government school children.

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